I created The M Bag to solve the problem of clutter in our handbags. 

The clutter and disorganization were a constant source of stress, frustration, and worry when I couldn't find an item. 

Like most of us, my busy life left me with a full schedule and little to no time to spare; my precious time and energy were being wasted.

I started looking for a handbag organizer or a handbag with organizational features that would help me and learned that what I was looking for didn't exist.  I knew other women were dealing with the same frustrations and that we all deserved to have a good relationship with our handbags. I felt a calling to develop a product that would create the solution. 

It's taken years to develop, and the solution is finally here.  The M Bag tote and handbag organizer were created to combine fashion and function to provide the tools to be organized, efficient with our time, and to feel good as we work and travel.

The M Bag was designed to be beautiful on the outside, but the interior beauty was just as important to me, as I believe beauty and positive changes really begin from within. The colorful pockets inside are there to remind us of our inner beauty.  When we are organized, we feel good; when we feel good, our inner beauty shines through.

Carry Life Well, and I wish you much Peace, Ease, and Beauty, within you and your handbag.

With warmest regards,


Fast fashion is often described as the typical mass-production of trendy, disposable, consumer goods at the lowest possible cost.  

Slower fashion is more thoughtful and purposeful as you are spending a bit more on something that you genuinely love and are planning to keep for many years.

At The M Bag, we believe in slower fashion; our bags are designed to be not only fashionable but timeless.  Quality materials and skilled manufacturing ensure the durability and longevity of your M Bag.    


The M Bag proudly manufactures all of our products in the USA. We believe in supporting American factories and businesses and we want to do our part to help keep jobs here in our country.

We have chosen to partner and collaborate with a factory in New Jersey known for its ethically produced handbags and accessories.

Employees work in a clean, high-quality, work environment and are well-respected, well-paid, and have health insurance.

The M Bag is made by expert craftsmen and women at the factory that create our bags with passion, care, and attention to detail, with the end product being of the highest quality.


Before The M Bag, I spent way too much time looking for things at the bottom of my bag and now, I can’t imagine EVER going without my organizer and tote. I don’t even have to think about where everything is because I know it’s exactly where I left it: neatly secured inside my M Bag organizer and tote.  I didn’t realize what a difference it was going to make in my life until I started using it.  Thank you for creating such a beautiful and yet very functional product! 

I love it!


I still use the M Bag every day. It is the perfect work and travel Tote. The M Bag is intuitively designed; the pockets and features keep me organized and free of clutter. The size is perfect, it fits everything I need without looking bulky. The straps are very comfortable and do not fall off my shoulder. Over time, it has worn so well and I appreciate the quality manufacturing. I truly cannot recommend it enough.


The functionality of The M Bag is beyond amazing!  I love it!  And, it is so beautiful.  Where do I start?  I love the fact that it easily slips over the handle of my suitcase for ease in travel.  The organizer is just the most brilliant idea ever!  I love the small detachable purse which easily fits in the tote and is available for those quick dinner outings.  Just unhook the strap and you have a clutch. I simply don't know what I would do without it! 


The M Bag has been a game changer for me. I love the vertical design of the organizer that lets me see everything inside at a glance. Having used the organizer, I now can’t be without it. I love being able to find everything when I need it. Life is so crazy already, it helps having a handbag and organizer like The M Bag that can keep up.


I love my M Bag tote, especially the key leash.  I don't know how I ever functioned without it.  With this design, I literally never lose my keys now. Until I lent my organizer to a friend, I didn't realize how much I would miss it. It makes my life so much easier by keeping me and my handbag organized. It's truly a life-changer and I will never be without it again.


I LOVE The M Bag. The style is classy and tasteful. The quality is unmistakable. The straps rest comfortably on my shoulder and do not block getting into the bag when I reach in without putting it down. The organizer has changed my life, I now have an organized handbag with ease, always! Everything has a place; I reach in and know where it is.

A totally satisfied customer for life,

Karen Renee

I struggle with organization.  I don't lose things, I just hide them from myself.  I'm a teacher and get frustrated when I spend too much time looking for things. The M Bag and organizer gives structure to what had been the bottomless pit of my purse and helps me be more efficient. I can carry more  and find what I want when I need it!   I love The M Bag.


After years of carrying backpacks, brief cases, overstuffed purses, and fanny packs, I finally found the perfect and elegant way to tote my necessities around in order and style with my M bag!  The investment was well worth the savings in time, stress and humiliation as I no longer have to root through a disorderly pile at the bottom of any of them to find just what I need in seconds, never breaking a sweat or losing a thing! The design is extremely thoughtful—a pocket or secure spot for everything, including a water bottle that can be stowed safely upright and out of the way of the rest of my treasures on the go. It is pretty and pro, but functional and indestructible. It looks good, feels good and allows me to confidently head out on my way- with everything in its place- to be a success. Well done to its American designer and manufacturer…


I love the color choices for this bag.  They are just the right balance between smart and striking. I consider myself an organized person who likes a place for everything, but with standard purse pockets I often forget which pocket I put which things.  The M Bag organizer shape and size configuration seems so logical that I can go right to what I am looking for.


I love my M Bag tote!It’s so easy to find things and it keeps me organized, and that feels so good.It’s also light on my shoulder!